Frequently Asked Questions



This FAQ is intended to help you find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Credit Bureau of Owen Sound, and your debt collection options. We encourage you to give us a call at (519) 371-5000 to speak with a professional collection specialist, who can assess your situation and provide a personalized approach to the collection of your accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions

01. What can you as a collection agency do that I cannot?

Our office has over 50 years of collecting experience. Our name is known and respected in the business community, which helps us recover your outstanding accounts. We have highly trained professionals, who’s only business is the collection of outstanding accounts.

We have a successful recovery rate of 45%, which is 20% above the industry standard.

02. What is the difference between a commission rate and a recovery rate?

A commission rate is what a collection agency charges a company for the successful recovery of an outstanding accounts receivable. In our office, this rate can be as low as 5% or as high as 50%, depending on different factors when you list your account.

A recovery rate is the rate at which a collection agency has success in collecting a businesses outstanding receivables. The industry standard for collection agencies is between 20-25%, which means that if you listed 100 accounts in a collection office, they should recover money on 20-25 of those accounts.

03. Why should I care about a collection agency’s recovery rate?

Most businesses concern themselves with the amount of commission a collection agency is charging for the collection of their accounts receivables and not if the collection agency will actually be successful in collecting their accounts. Very simply put…the more you are willing to spend in the collection of your outstanding accounts (meaning the commission rate), the more success you should see in the collection of your accounts.

Collection agencies that offer really low rates to collect your accounts are ‘skimming’. They rely on the volume of accounts you list with them to make their money. They spend little to no time or effort on the collection of your account, because they cannot afford too.

04. How can I have more success at collecting my outstanding accounts receivables?

Certain factors may determine why you are not seeing successful results. The 2 most likely factors are the age of your account and the size.

YOU HAVE A COLLECTION PROBLEM IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS 150 DAYS OLD, WHICH IS 6 MONTHS. Many businesses attempt to collect their outstanding accounts receivables well past 150 days, believing that their customer will pay if they just make one more phone call, or threatening to send them to collections if they do not pay.

Realistically, if your customer was going to pay or set up payment arrangements with you, they would have done so well before their account became 150 days past due. Your chances of being successful with collecting these past due accounts becomes greater the faster you list your account for collection.

05. What is the Statute of Limitations on the age of accounts accepted by your agency?

There are 2 different limitations periods we must follow:

  • Collection Agency Act: allows us to collect an account up to 6 years old*
  • Limitations Act: allows us to start legal action on an account that is 2 years old or less*

* Certain criteria may extend these limitations periods beyond the years shown

06. How long does it take for you to start the collection process on an account I’ve listed?

Once you have signed our Collection Agreement for service and paid your applicable fee, you can begin listing your outstanding accounts.

07. When should I expect to see results?

We suggest that you give our office 6-8 weeks before calling for an update. This will give us a chance to work your account and if the debtor will not pay voluntarily, then it will give our collectors a chance to start looking for assets on the debtor.

08. Do you collect from debtors outside of Grey & Bruce counties?

Yes, all the time. We’ve had debtors we have collected from as far away as Australia.

09. Do you only do business with companies in Grey & Bruce Counties?

No. Many of our clients are in Grey & Bruce, but we have many other clients from all over Ontario.

Please note that we are only licensed to collect on accounts that were incurred in the province of Ontario.

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