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Collection Services


Final Demand Service

Available to our members, this service allows your customer one final opportunity to settle their account with you. This notice specifies a deadline date and that if their account is not paid by that date it will be placed into our hands for collection.

Bulletin Service

Available to our members, this service provides Judgment and Bankruptcy information on individuals and businesses in Grey, Bruce and surrounding counties.


Skip-Tracing Investigations

We have extensive resources available to us, to locate new addresses for customers who have moved and leave unpaid debts behind. We also have extensive resources available to us to help locate assets for customers who are unwilling to pay their debts. 


Custom Accounts Receivables

Many companies today are outsourcing their accounts receivables. Our office will manage your receivables completely or in part.
By allowing our professionally trained staff to handle your receivables, you can focus on the development of your business.

P.P.S.A. Security & Searches

You need to be certain that your assets are secured correctly and quickly. Accurate, efficient and done from your own office. We provide highly effective PPSA searches and registrations.


If you list your account for collection with our office it is placed on your customers Equifax Canada and Trans Union credit files.*

* Certain criteria must be met for the collection to be placed and/or remain on the customers credit file.

Our rates are based on the following criteria:

  • Are your accounts consumer (individual) or commercial (business)
  • If your account is commercial, is that business still operating
  • What is the age of your account(s)
  • Do you have a current addresses, or do you have accounts with ‘Mail Return’
  • What is the amount of your outstanding account(s)
  • Are you a non-member, or a member with our office
  • How many accounts do you list with our office

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