The Credit Bureau of Owen Sound Limited has been a leader in the collection industry in Grey & Bruce counties since 1951.

About US


We have built our reputation with South Western Ontario businesses as being fair, progressive and highly respected. Every year our office recovers thousands of dollars in outstanding debt for our clients and we have the highest recovery rate in our area.

01. People

We have trained professionals with years of experience.  We take a “hands on approach”, taking the time and effort required to collect an account. We don’t rely on gimmicks – we rely on our competent trained staff to collect your outstanding accounts.

02. Results

We’ve been in business since 1951 and believe “if we can’t collect it”, then no one can.  We believe we are an extension of your accounts receivable department.  Our approach is based on professionalism, respect and expertise.  Let us prove it to you.

03. Experience

Our staff has a combined work history in the collection industry of 75 years. We work all types and sizes of accounts and our clientele represents a cross section of the both private and public businesses. We are constantly learning and adapting our knowledge and experience to help us collect your accounts.

Our office has extensive experience in handling a diverse range of:

Consumer and Commercial Collection Accounts

We can collect accounts in the following sectors:

  • Private Business (Small/Medium/Large)
  • Municipalities & Regional Government
  • Health Care Industry (Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Laboratories)
  • Utility, Telephone/Internet, Cable, Satellite Providers
  • Public Institutions


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